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On the morality issue in politics
from the Primer on Christian Faith and Philippine Politics
Published by the September 8 Movement

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What general faith-based criteria should we as Catholic Christians employ in choosing which candidates for public office to vote for or otherwise support? We should vote for or support a person who:

8131.gif (4113 bytes) is honest and of proven integrity

8131.gif (4113 bytes) is competent for the position concerned

8131.gif (4113 bytes) has adequate knowledge of the problems of Philippine society and of his or her constituency

8131.gif (4113 bytes) has a good record of service in government, in democratic people's organizations (POs) or in nongovernmental service organizations (NGOs)

8131.gif (4113 bytes) has adequate knowledge of Catholic Christian social ethics or its equivalent

8131.gif (4113 bytes) has a realistic yet morally acceptable program of government and party strategy and tactics

8131.gif (4113 bytes) leads a morally upright private life

Between two honest and competent candidates, we should vote for the candidate who has a better private life. We should not vote for or support a person:

8131.gif (4113 bytes) who is corrupt

8131.gif (4113 bytes) who is incompetent for the public office he or she is seeking

8131.gif (4113 bytes) only because he or she is your relative or friend or comes from the same region or province

8131.gif (4113 bytes) only because he or she has done you a favor or will do you a favor

8131.gif (4113 bytes) only because he or she is physically attractive or is well-known actor/actress, singer, athlete or the like

When we use criteria like the above, we are practicing and promoting authentic politics; that is, political activity directed to what the aim of politics should be, which is the common good.

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