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  • Based on three decades of surveys, the top issue that has always concerned Filipino voters is the economy. As Clinton strategist James Carvill once put it, "It's the economy, stupid."

  • Of the 94,561 political candidates in 1992 elections, only 17,286 won.

  • Voters under 35 represent more than half the the Philippine electorate.

  • In the 1992 presidential elections, Ramon Mitra (considered the most trapo among the candidates) ironically carried the most number of issues. His campaign kit raised up to 14 separate issues.

  • Jose Burgos, the Left's strongest senatorial candidate in 1992 placed at number 56 in the final tally with about 1.1 million votes.

  • The anti-trapo issue is not a recent political theme. It was carried by Manahan, Manglapus, and Pelaez as long ago as the 50s.

  • The longest term of a Philippine mayor is that of Pablo Cuneta. He's been in office for more than four decades now.

  • With the exception of Magsaysay, Aquino and Ramos, all Philippine presidents were lawyers. The four who topped the bar include Roxas, Garcia, Macapagal, and Marcos.

  • While Senator Tito Sotto topped the senatorial elections in 1992, he was not in the top 24 in Batanes.  Reason given: TV reception for Eat Bulaga was too weak in the country's northern-most island.

    Researched by Marvin Bionat

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