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  • The Chapelnet Bulletin Board - You can post your reaction to articles, to opinions, to news.   Expect other visitors' reaction and response once you post your article or comments.  Our electronic bulletin board automatically notifies you through e-mail when somebody posts a response or reaction to your articles, but you need to enter a legitimate e-mail address so that this notification feature functions.

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  • The Pinoy Votes: Cast your vote for President and Vice President.  Booth for senators will be coming, please standby!

  • The Chapelnet Live Chat Room:  Express your opinion live and interact with Chapelnet visitors.  Maximum of 25 persons only!  We will provide more rooms if we get more visits.

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  • The Abnoy Award - You can nominate person, group of persons or institutions for our Abnoy Award.  Abnoy is an omelette made from duck eggs that do not mature to become balut or penoy. Abnoy is dipped in very strong vinegar to hide its strong, sulfuric smell.  This award is given to a person or group that has distinguished itself for an elections-related behavior that STINKS.

  • Link Your Political Web Site with CHAPELNET. You can give us the URL of your website and we will put you on our LINKS PAGE, a data base of Philippine Political and Election Related Materials and Information in the world wide web.

  • Sign Now!Our Guestbook - If you want to leave something behind for the staff, the webmaster, and Chapel Net.

  • Volunteers Needed! - We need volunteers. Click here to choose what areas you want to join for this coming election.  Fill up the volunteer form and submit it to us. As soon as we receive your form, we will contact you.!






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