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Democratic Workers Party

What is the Democratic Workers Party (DWP)?

DWP is the labor party of the Federation of Free Workers (FFW) whose principal advocacy pertains to the principal interests and concerns of labor.

The DWP’s Platform of Government are as follows:

DWP upholds popular democracy whereby sovereignty resides in the people. Pursuant thereto, DWP endorses:

People empowerment

Decentralisation of Power

Civilian supremacy over the military at all times especially in the area of human rights;

Transparency and accountability to the people of those holding the reins of government;

Regular and periodic mechanism of consultation with the people with the formulation and implementation of public policy.

The DWP supports the principle that the national interest must be upheld in the conduct of international relations. In its relation with the world community of nations, DWP subscribes to the ideals of international peace, equality, justice, cooperation and amity;

The DWP pursues the policy that the national wealth shall be equitably shared by all members of society;

The DWP shall protect the rights and promote the welfare of Labor,

The DWP shall give equal rights and opportunities to women to make them meaningful partners in building a better society;

The DWP shall protect and promote the interests of indigenous people, the handicapped and the elderly as well as other marginalized sectors of society;

The DWP commits to work for the betterment and upliftment of the welfare of workers without unduly prejudicing the interest of the Capitalist sector;

The DWP supports a comprehensive national policy on population conductive to national development;

The DWP upholds national interests measures in the face of continuing globalization of trade, commerce and industry;

The DWP shall give the necessary incentives to private enterprise to spur business and industrial development;

The DWP espouses the protection of the environment with due regard to the judicious use of natural resources for national economic development;

The DWP shall protect the rights and promote the welfare of children.



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