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Alfredo Lim’s guiding principle is the "rule of law" and he aims to introduce "order and discipline" and "restore peace and stability," as he has done in Manila. His program of government includes "social justice for the masses" and frees college education. His vision is a "country where our families can live in safety and peace, where our businesses can thrive and create jobs, where every citizen can make an honest living."

Lim also emphasizes the need to deal effectively with the current financial crisis, to improve economic management, and upgrade agriculture, education, social services and the environment. He claims to "believe in limited government, in a government that focuses in doing well what government alone can do -- administration of justice, law and order, public health, etc.". He elaborates that providing the framework and leadership for an equity-led growth, asset reform and a stable set of policies can inspire private sector participation.


  • Member, Philippine Bar (1963 Bar Exam)
  • First Elected as Mayor of Manila in May 11, 1992 and Re-elected Mayor of Manila in May 8, 1995 with the highest majority in the history of Manila politics ( 250, 000 votes over his closest rival)
  • Appointed Director of the National Bureau of Investigation, December 21, 1989. As NBI Director, busted a million-peso drug deal involving two Army colonels, among other cases
  • Retired Police Major General, December 21, 1989
  • During the 1986 EDSA revolution, held off a Marcos order for his forces to disperse the civilians gathered outside Camps Aguinaldo and Crame, and later joined Fidel V. Ramos in tilting the balance against the dictator
  • Led his unit in retaking two television stations and a hotel earlier seized by rightist soldiers during the failed August 28 military coup attempt

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  • Chosen as the "Outstanding Filipino for 1997 in the field of public service," TOFIL Award
  • Given the Chino Roces Award "for having pursued an uncompromising career against criminality"
  • Mayor of the Fist Peace City in Asia by Rotary Club of Kooringal, Wagga Wagga, Australia
  • Gintong Ama Awardee for Government and Public Service, 1994
  • First Ten Outstanding Police (TOPP) Hall of Fame Award given by the Philippine Jaycees for being the first policeman to receive seven TOPP awards
  • Received numerous medals as a police for solving cases, often in "valorous" style

Liabilities include:

  • Accused of violating constitutional rights of people, among them the urban poor of Manila many of whose houses were demolished before the APEC Conference in November 1996, allegedly upon his orders.
  • Career as a public servant has been dogged by certain controversies:

1)       His alleged participation in smuggling activities in the Customs area pointed to the involvement of the Economic Intelligence unit then headed by Joe Almonte;

2)      When he was NBI chief, suspected drug lord "Don Pepe Oyson" was arrested by his NBI team and was shot dead while being transported in the police van;

3)      His recent "paint-a-pusher's house" campaign has been criticized by human rights advocates, who took him to the Supreme Court over the complaint of one resident who denied being a pusher but whose house had been marked.

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