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quotable quotes



         "You can keep the gift, but my heart still belongs to Jose de Venecia."

President Ramos to VP Estrada after the latter’s statement that the gift is a sign of the president’s tacit endorsement of his presidential bid. (The Philippine Star)

         "I do not intend to remain inactive after I graduate on June 30, 1998.
           But I will be around to give both solicited and as well as unsolicited advice

President Ramos on Estrada’s offer of senior advisorship to him in Estrada’s administration. (The Philippine Star)

          "Regardless of political affiliation, immediately I ordered the investigation,
            the intensive follow-up to bring to the bar of justice the perpetrators."

President Ramos regarding killers of political bets.
(The Philippine Star)


          "The administration candidates [of LAKAS-NUCD-UMDP-Kampi] do not need
           supernatural powers to win in the May 11 elections."

Speaker Jose de Venecia after learning the announcement of the Jesus is Lord Movement (JIL) backing his candidacy up but junking his VP Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. (TODAY)


         "Namfrel did not explain why LAKAS was not included in the meeting,
           [but] maybe it is trying to separate the [crusaders] from the devil."

Former Comelec commisioner Christian Monsod, representative of Liberal Party regarding the Namfrel meeting with the 10 parties allied to fight poll fraud. (TODAY)

           "If there are those who have been very critical of Chairman Pardo, there
            also have been those who have been very supportive of him.  So maybe,
            let us allow the Comelec to do its best. Let us in fact support what the
            Comelec is doing."

President Ramos to certain candidates who are seeking the ouster of the Comelec chair due to his alleged inability to purge the voters’ list (TODAY)


          "We must fight cheating together or we will be cheated separately."

Brother Eddie Villanueva of the Jesus is Lord Movement (after anointing Joe de Venecia as their group’s official candidate), regarding poll fraud (TODAY)


          "How can Estrada and his party claim that they are not going to coddle
           criminals once they get into power when even now, they already have
           in their fold convicts, gang leaders and protectors of crime syndicates?"

                             LAKAS-Kampi Spokesperson Annabelle Abaya regarding
                             the opposition party, LAMMP’s enlistment of convicted rapist
                             Zamboanga del Norte Rep. Romeo Jalosjos and notorious
                             Kuratong Baleleng Gang leader Renato Parojinog.
                             (The Philippine Star)


          "We are very confused and puzzled on what Namfrel has done (exclusion
           of LAKAS from the Namfrel meeting). While we respect their decision, it
           also sends a message that they may be partisan, unfair and discriminating
           and that Lakas will automatically commit fraud"

                             CBCP Spokesperson Msgr. Pepe Quitorio regarding Joe Con’s
                             decision of excluding the administration party from the meeting.

                             (The Philippine Star)




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